Belize is an awesome place to vacation with lots of unique and fun things to do. Whether you want to spend a lazy day on the beach, go exploring various ancient ruins or just see the sights, it really has it all in an awesomely warm setting.

Now, I have to say right off the bat that finding the best hotels to stay in Belize really depends on a number of factors. What do you plan on doing when you get there, what your budget is, what you plan on visiting while you are there and a number of other things to consider. Because of this, I tried to find the best places for whatever your main reason for going is. the best place for you may not necessarily be the best place for everyone so I hope this helps in making your decision.

I tried to group each place by category so feel free to take a look at the categories below and choose based on what you believe is perfect for you. My recommendation? Stay and take in one area for a couple days, then move over to another area and stay there for a few days – just move around a bit and see what you can see and do. There are interesting and fun places everywhere there!

My criteria for choosing each hotel

When I took a look and decided on the criteria to choose the top choice for a hotel for a specific category, I looked at a number of different factors including price and the value you get for the price (basically looked at places with the most bang for your buck), amenities, how others reviewed the rooms, what was close-by, etc. After a lot of research, the following is what really seemed to stand out for me.


Belize City | Ambergris Caye | Caye Caulker | Placencia (and Maya Beach) | San Ignacio | Hopkins | Toledo

Type Of Vacation

Family | Honeymoon and Couples

What Kind of Budget Are You Looking At

Luxury | Cheap and on a budget (but still very nice!)

Best Places For Specific Activities

Beach area | Snorkeling | Scuba Diving | Exploring Mayan Ruins | Visiting rain forests and jungles

Belize City

Located on the mainland, Belize city has a number of different hotels to stay at that are also close to different attractions and activities. Walk around the city and take in the culture, maybe go visit the Belize Zoo, ride some zip lines, go river rafting or tubing and just enjoy the “city life” there. After looking through all the options, we choose:

Best Caribbean Belize Pickwick Hotel

Best_Caribbean_Belize_Pickwick_HotelThere were a few things that stood out about this family-operated place that I liked – an amazingly friendly staff. Located in a safe area of the city right across from the popular BTL Park in the city, it has everything you need in a hotel including free wifi, air conditioning, access to a pool next door and beautiful views of the sea and park. The only downside is that there is no on site restaurant but they do offer a very good continental breakfast which is all I would need anyway because I tend to be out touring for most of the days and eat while I am away from the hotel.

*Tip – try to opt for the street side rooms because they have the nicest view of the sea front!


Ambergris Caye

The largest island Belize has to offer, there is plenty to see and do here but if being around the water is your thing, this is the place! Because of this, I wanted to pick a place that had the best value along with a great location (San Pedro) to all the different water activities.

SunBreeze Hotel

SunBreeze_HotelI love the Spanish inspired buildings that are completely surrounded by lush gardens with awesome Caribbean sea views. This place has larger sized clean rooms that offer all kind of features including free wifi internet, room service, laundry service, conference facilities, A/C, in room fridge and more. Because of its location, there is everything you need within walking distance. The hotel itself is only about 5 minutes from a popular diving area, has a restaurant, beach and lots more. Another very cool feature is how the place is built in kind of a U-shape which allows all rooms to have a great pool/ocean view.


Caye Caulker

Just off of the coast of Belize in the Caribbean Sea, there is a small limestone coral island called Caye Caulker which is just a $10 water taxi away from Belize City. There are no cars and really no need for cars because you can get around the entire place on just golf carts and bikes. The best place that I found here to stay at is:

SeaDreams Hotel

SeaDreams_HotelThis place seems to have a lot of fans that come back multiple times. The rooms in this family run hotel are spacious and colorful and include lots of options like kitchens and even a fabulous beach house. There is also a relaxing rooftop hammock area and a dock with a nice shady cabana to relax in while watching the ocean. It also has the usual amenities like free wifi, restaurant, free breakfast, a refrigerator in your room, a/c and a bar/lounge.



From what I understand of Placencia, it is a popular spot for scuba divers. This small town is quite an interesting place to visit with places for kayaking, saltwater fishing, snorkeling, shark watching, bars and other entertainment. Lots of funky and unique shops too! It also has Maya Beach slightly to the south of Placencia which is where I would recommend to stay.

Maya Beach Hotel

Maya_Beach_HotelYou will definitely be treated well here. While it is not really a luxury place, it certainly makes up for in value for your money, friendly staff and beautiful rooms that are all close to the beach. There is also a great Caribbean style bistro restaurant on site which makes it very convenient and has awesome seating right on the beach side outdoor dining room.


San Ignacio

This area of Belize is actually one of the most popular tourism destination in and around the area. Home to the Chaa Creek Nature Reserve and the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve as well as tours of the Mayan ruins. For these reasons, my hotel choice here is:

Windy Hill Resort

Windy_Hill_ResortFirst off, if ruins are your thing, this is the place to be since it is very close to some spectacular ruins to explore. It also has a beautiful infinity pool, excellent restaurant, inviting jungle bungalows, and all the other amenities that you would expect to find.

*Tip – ask for a room close to the main office and restaurant if you don’t want to walk to far to get to these facilities.


A small village on the eastern coast of Belize is an excellent place if you are looking to explore small shops, bars and restaurants. Our recommendation in this area is:

Hopkins Bay Resort

Hopkins_Bay_ResortThis place has everything that you would need and includes a beautiful beach, pool, restaurant and all kinds of activities for anyone in the family (kids included!). Room options include charming 1, 2 and 3 bedroom villas as well. It is also only a short boat ride to a stunning barrier reef.


If you are looking for something a bit more off the beaten track, this may be the place for you. Located in the southern most point in Belize and is a unique almost undiscovered area that can amaze any nature lover. For this unique place, I choose:

Kiskadee Lodge

Kiskadee_LodgeThis place is most interesting because it offers beautiful thatched roof huts as your accommodation – but don’t let that scare you off. These little huts are completely decked out with everything you need!